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August 11, 2010

myspace band of the week

Deepsea drive machine is an electronic band from Kashiwa.  Shinya Nishi (bass) and Kohtaro Uno (guitar) formed the band in 1998 and were inspired by hardcore punk bands.  They released their first album Saion in 2002 and the Sonar For Life EP in 2005.  In 2008, Shinya and Jun Izawa (LITE) started Parabolica Records and began releasing albums from Japanese and foreign artists.  Earlier this year deepsea drive machine released the Wayless EP through Parabolica.

The first five tracks on myspace are from Wayless.  It sounds similar to sakanaction at first, but with a lot less vocals.  “Ray of Light” and “ミチナキセカイ” are nice spacey dance tracks.  Some of the more guitar heavy tracks like “Jag” and “Secret Path” recall the direction LITE have been heading in their last two EPs.  Their older tracks are pretty similar to their new material, but I would definitely throw “JADA” in the post-rock category.

Deepsea drive machine is on the electronic side of post-rock, with more spacey than dancy tunes.  The beats are catchy enough to keep you awake on the highway, but relaxing enough for studying music.  More please.

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