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Random J-Rock Updates #6: Preorder Madness!!

September 30, 2008

This is a very special segment of J-Rock Updates.  Obviously, Dir en grey is the big news here but I didn’t want them to have the satisfaction of having their own post.  Luckily, there’s three more bands that will be releasing albums in the US in the near future.

Dir en grey’s new album Uroboros will be released through The End Records on November 11 in America, a day before Japan.  In addition to the regular CD/vinyl/digital release, a deluxe CD version will be released with a bonus DVD.  All that can be preordered here.  More info including tracklisting is available on their blog.

-The Thursday/Envy split EP can now be preordered from Temporary Residence or MerchDirect.  The EP will be a combo CD-vinyl package.

-The CD and digital version of Polysics’ We Ate the Machine was released today.  It can be ordered at amazon and interpunk.

-The debut album known as Noble by Versailles -Philharmonic Quartet– will be released in the US by Maru Music.


Random J-Rock Updates #3

August 20, 2008

It’s been a while.

Dir en grey is now on Facebook and VampireFreaks. They will also participate in a 22 stop North American tour this fall.

Bomb Factory’s new album Moshing Through Tokyo came out in Japan and the US on August 19! You can buy it off amazon or these other places.

-School starts on Monday. GAHHHHH.

Tokyo no Records is coming back this September! They will release Thee 50’s High Teens’ Punch De Beat on September 9. A compilation called The Time Was Then Is Now will drop on the same date featuring tracks from the 50 Katienz, Mayuko Sakai and 7 other unnamed bands.

buddhistson is writing and recording their new album! They plan on releasing it January 2009. Should be epic.

Saw Loser have a new video update here. Who is the internet president?

-Looks like Cornelius’ album Sensuous is getting a rerelease with a DVD.


Dir en grey- Dozing Green

September 14, 2007

New info about Dir en grey’s latest single:

NEW SINGLE “DOZING GREEN” announced! (2007/08/29)

DIR EN GREY will release a new single, ”DOZING GREEN” in Late October (worldwide release date TBA). DOZING GREEN will give fans a chance to hear a brand new track with a brand new sound for the band:

It took a long session of trial and error before DIR EN GREY came to the final version of DOZING GREEN. This track is definitely one that represents the new DIR EN GREY combined with elements that has never been in their music before.

the new single will include the following tracks:

HYDRA -666-


Dir en hacked

August 20, 2007

Dir en grey’s myspace has been hacked.  Hilarity ensues.


Pay for Dir en grey videos?

June 26, 2007

You can now buy and watch footage from the latest DIR EN GREY
U.S. tour with the Deftones through the new BOOSTER·AFFILIATE CONTENTS.
Click on the link below or visit our blog for more information on how you can get these videos.


The Marrow of a Bone

February 26, 2007

When I picked up my copy of Dir en grey’s new album last Tuesday I knew something wasn’t right…I couldn’t read half the lyrics! I think about 4-5 were actually visible under a light but the rest were barely even visible. Well, Warcon Records has acknowledged this flaw on myspace and directs you to the Warcon website to “get your hands on the proper booklet.” However it’s been a day since they posted it and there’s still nothing on the website about it which makes me wonder if they’re serious. In any case this album has had better distribution than “Withering to Death.” I found it quite easily at Best Buy and Borders and they still don’t have the prior album in stock.