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Hotel Mexico

August 25, 2010

myspace band of the week

Hotel Mexico are here to blow your earlobes.  They’re not from Mexico, but they’re the latest in a string of awesome bands from Second Royal Records.

Hotel Mexico hails from Kyoto and began writing songs in 2008.  Many members of the band are also club DJs.  They put out a cassette tape and a live VHS earlier this year and released their debut mini-album His Jewelled Letter Box last week.  “Its Twinkle” is their first single.  It has a nice, spacey intro before a deluge of electronic boops and muffled vocals.  The kind of track Tom Delonge wished he could do with Angels & Airwaves.  “Do you Do you HAIA” wasn’t ready in time for the mini-album release, but you can download it for free at the bottom of this post.  Just as the previous song, it’s full of dreamy riffs and retro synths that will keep you dancing all night.

You can download both songs and a remix at Second Royal’s SoundCloud page.  Pick up His Jewelled Letter Box at Jet Set Records and get a free sticker and a CD-R with two remixes by NITES.

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arcana arcade

April 6, 2010

myspace band of the week

I’m always on the lookout for good J-folk bands and arcana arcade fits the bill just fine.  The band consists of Seiji Suga, Satoko Moriyasu, and a dozen other support members on saxophone, flute, trumpet, etc.  They are influenced by 60s and 70s psychedelic and folk rock and hope to revive the “old but good” feeling.

The first three songs on myspace come from their upcoming album And Jersey.  The first song has a positive folk rock feeling and a lot of flute, while the second is on the sadder side of folk but exposes Satoko Moriyasu as a great vocalist.  “30/30” definitely has more of a hillbilly feel, but I’m loving the variety here.  “Starmine” is an older song that feels more shoegazey than folk.

If you enjoy bands like Turntable Films and 4  Bonjour’s Parties you’ll dig this band.  Arcana arcade is currently finishing their debut album, which they describe as “a curry well stewed with some citrus fruits, coffee, miso and bean jam.”  Honestly, who doesn‘t want to listen to that?

Download a free mp3 at bandcamp.



March 16, 2010

myspace band of the week

It seems like every Japanese music blog has their favorite chiptune artist.  So today I decided to make USK my bitch.

I first discovered USK a few years ago when I downloaded Pico Pico Disco from 8bitpeoples.  Up to that point, the only other chiptune artist I listened to was YMCK, and let’s just say USK was much more chaotic/danceable. I can’t find his real name, but USK was born in 1984 and began making electro music on his PC in 1999.  In 2005, USK started experimenting with Game Boys and here we are now.  USK’s latest song “I AM A FUCKOKA RAVER” is USK at his best.  Don’t start the rave without him. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Bad Spellers are now on Gimme Sound

March 10, 2010

To celebrate the opening of their Gimmie Sound account, The Bad Spellers are giving away their album Keep On Shining and a bunch of demos.  If you act fast, you can still enter their contest to win a free copy of the CD.

The Bad Spellers are a twee-pop duo consisting of Tony and Yasuko (husband and wife).  They formed in 2003 in Tokyo and in the past year have moved shop to Vermont.

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February 22, 2010

myspace band of the week

Elomaticmill was the last band to leave a comment on my wall (even though I couldn’t read it), so this week they get the honor of myspace band of week.

For the most part, Elomaticmill is your typical female fronted indie rock band.  If you’re familiar with bands like LiN CLOVER and Swinging Popsicle, you know what you’re getting yourself into.  But despite the averageness, they have the small town charm that have earned them over 22,000 fans on myspace.  Choice track: “Synchronicity”

Download their Pilot film DEMO at or the love below.

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Muon- FREE discography

September 13, 2008

I’ve had my eyes on Muon for several years now.  Muon was a three-piece, now a four-piece, ambient/experimental unit from Singapore.  Their songs tend to be mostly instrumental and electronic with a post-rock feel to it.  From what I understand, Ginnette Chittack from the Singapore indie-rock band Astreal was also a member of the group at one point.  In a recent blog post on myspace, Muon has given away their entire discography, including their 2008 album The New Mutants which I will talking about in greater detail in another post.  Enjoy.

The Death of Cinema (2003)

1. Immanance

2. Outside Looking In

3. Mythic Resolve

4. Realign

5. Prologue

6. Eulogy

7. Belarus

8. Goot Shiz

9. Bloodrush
>> download

In Flught (2004)

1. Paxian

2. Persona non Grata

3. Life and erasure

4. In Flught

5. Jupiter

6. Feel Is

7. Breaking Silence

8. Ourselfs

9. negotiations with an inner voice


Live In Bangkok (2006)

1. Against the Grain

2. This Is Not the End

3. Stop Taking Sad Pills

4. From the Cold

5. The Dead Sea


The New Mutants (2007/2008)

1. Marny

2. Love Drops

3. Against the Grain

4. Chromatik Fantastik!

5. The Consequence of

6. This Is Not the End

7. Cylons Dream of Electric Sheep

8. From the Cold

9. Part X

10. What


for more of their witty banter and side-project downloads click here.


Saddest Crying- The Unresponsible Reason (free EP)

July 18, 2008

It’s been a couple weeks but I’ve come back with some free tunes.  Saddest Crying is a screamo band from Thailand.  The Unresponsible Reason compiles what seems to be their entire discography, basically demos and tracks from compilations.  The EP highlights their “old period” music as they do not plan on playing heavy music anymore.  If the new song on their myspace player is any indication, they have a Creed/Nickelback thing going on right now, unfortunately.  The songs on the EP aren’t bad but generic overall.  Lyrics are typical for the genre “take that blood, bring the head to me, stab at them,” “You dig to my heart and cut it by your hands,” “everything was the cancer.”  The EP ends with the band’s anthem “Crying,” a song about being kicked out of a loved one’s life.  It has a nice mellow side to it, a great closer.

1. Commander In The Name Of Our Enemy
2. Saddest Song
3. Hopesdie
4. When I Try To Be A Superhero
5. Crying



Asobi Seksu- Walk on the Moon

May 8, 2008

This song has been weighing heavily on my heart lately.

I saw the photograph, an image of you
Things have never looked, looked like this
It’s never been like this
I’m swimming in gray
I’m just swimming in gray

Let them all walk away, all walk away
So there’s no one to blame
They all feel the same
Let them all walk away, all walk away
I’ll be left with the shame

You saw the photograph, an image of me
You’ll never see me like this
It’s never felt like this
I’m swimming in gray
I’m just swimming in gray

Let them all walk away, all walk away
So there’s no one to blame
They all feel same
Let them all walk away, all walk away
I’ll be left with the shame

Walk on the Moon mp3


Electrico-Everybody’s Here

April 25, 2008

Make sure you download  “Everybody’s Here,” the new track by Electrico. “A song written for youths or anybody who feels lost, desolated, low in self-esteem, in despair, all the negative things we face. It’s a song about hope and opening up to people who can help. You are not alone!!”


Mono- The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain

March 21, 2008

Good Friday.  The Friday before Easter.  The day Jesus died on the cross.  As I was raised Catholic, I celebrate this day every year.  One song that always gets me in the mood is Mono’s “The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain.” Whether it be the haunting intro that sounds exactly like the music played on Good Friday services or the utter breakdown at the end, its hard not to classify this song as a spiritual journey.  Close your eyes and be transported to another world. 

Download: The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain