Hotel Mexico

August 25, 2010

myspace band of the week

Hotel Mexico are here to blow your earlobes.  They’re not from Mexico, but they’re the latest in a string of awesome bands from Second Royal Records.

Hotel Mexico hails from Kyoto and began writing songs in 2008.  Many members of the band are also club DJs.  They put out a cassette tape and a live VHS earlier this year and released their debut mini-album His Jewelled Letter Box last week.  “Its Twinkle” is their first single.  It has a nice, spacey intro before a deluge of electronic boops and muffled vocals.  The kind of track Tom Delonge wished he could do with Angels & Airwaves.  “Do you Do you HAIA” wasn’t ready in time for the mini-album release, but you can download it for free at the bottom of this post.  Just as the previous song, it’s full of dreamy riffs and retro synths that will keep you dancing all night.

You can download both songs and a remix at Second Royal’s SoundCloud page.  Pick up His Jewelled Letter Box at Jet Set Records and get a free sticker and a CD-R with two remixes by NITES.


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