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Andrew W.K.- Gundam Rock

September 14, 2009

Last week, Andrew W.K. released his brand new album Gundam Rock, a cover album full of songs from the original Gundam anime.  Now I know what you’re going to say, why is a gaijin recording Gundam covers?  Although I consider I Get Wet a classic, Andrew W.K. faded into obscurity after his second album was released in America.  But for whatever reason, he blew up in Japan.  They love him there.  It’s mind-boggling.  Flash forward to 2009 and Andrew’s back in the spotlight as Cartoon Network’s “CN Real” poster child.  But he didn’t forget Japan.  And this is when Andrew was invited to record a cover for Gundam’s 30th Anniversary Tribute Album.  But he decided not to stop at one cover and here we today with Gundam Rock.

The result?  Glorified 80s glam rock meets anime OST.  It’s hard not to laugh while Andrew stumbles through the first songs, but it takes a true master to replicate the inherit cheese of the originals.  By the time “Garma Zabi’s Funeral Speech” came along, I was shouting like a proud Zeon soldier, “Sieg Zeon!  Sieg Zeon!”  I don’t know if it’s worth the import, but I think any anime fan will find themselves smiling half-way through.  Below is the video for “Fly, Gundam!” and the “Soldiers of Sorrow” song that started it all…

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