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Best of 2011: Covers

February 9, 2012

Today we’re looking at some our favorite cover songs and cover albums of 2011


SECRET 7 LINE has been trying to court me for years now. All it takes is afro wigs and classic rock songs, though. You can’t hurry poops. (web, CD Japan,Play-Asia)

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Stuff To Look Forward To, September 2010

September 2, 2010

Let’s get dangerous.

world’s end girlfriend- Seven Idiots

What’s more exciting than a new world’s end girlfriend album?  A new post-rock label founded by none other than WEG himself!  But a new WEG album is awesome as well.  And this will be Virgin Babylon’s first release.  “Les Enfants du Paradis” was a little more upbeat/chipper than we’ve come to expect from WEG.  But I’m interested to hear what this “irregular pop album” is all about.  (myspace)

OGRE YOU ASSHOLE – Ukareteiru Hito

What’s more exciting than a new Ogre You Asshole mini-album?  An Ogre You Asshole North American Tour!  That’s right, OYA will be opening for Wolf Parade this November in the States (and Canada).  Hopefully an American label will release some of their material in the States.  Or at least pick up a few CDs at their show? (myspace)

Peelander-Z- PTV

Just when you thought Peelander-Z couldn’t get any crazier, they decided to release a children’s album.  No joke.  Chicken Ranch Records will release the album stateside with a bonus DVD of music videos and extras.  They’ll be touring America (and Canada) a lot this fall so check them out!  Human bowling!  Limbo!  (myspace)

Envy- Recitation

Envy’s fifth album is upon us.  Said to be their most epic yet.  Hopefully that doesn’t mean long, droning songs like on Insomniac Doze.  The two songs that were released remind me of old-school Envy, though.  If you can wait, Temporary Residence will release the album stateside in October on CD and vinyl.  They’ll also be touring America with a bunch of skramz bands this September-October!  (myspace)

Ling Tosite Sigure- still a Sigure virgin?

Ling blew us away with just A moment last year, but apparently we’ve heard NOTHING yet for we are still Sigure virgins.  Get ready for another nine tracks of virgin goodness.   (myspace) ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

Other Stuff

avengers in sci-fi- Delight Slight Lightspeed:  Just one b-side for this single, but it comes with a DVD loaded with live videos. (myspace)

HALCALI- Roman Hiko: HALCALI remakes the classic 90s song from Kome Kome Club.  Features ska favorite Your Song Is Good as guest musicians. (myspace)

Rega- Lyrics: The title makes no sense they play post-rock.  (myspace)

RiLF- Ferris Wheel: Featuring members of Anoice and matryoshka.  (myspace) LIVE @ Sapporo Kitara: Live sleepy.ab album?  I’m confused.  (myspace)

Start Of The Day- Love:  New album.  New band members. And no more of this StartOfTheDay crap.  (myspace)

VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE – PRINCIPLE:  A new Vola album?  Yesssssssssss.  (myspace)

Wagdug Futuristic Unity- R.A.M.: AA= released their new album earlier this year.  Time for this other Mad Capsule Markets spinoff that sounds exactly the same to release theirs.


I was made to hit in America

We’ll be getting the new Peelander-Z and Envy albums in the US very soon, but there’s also a couple of older releases coming out.

Boom Boom Satellites- Over and Over

Boom Boom Satellites will be coming to America this fall and Sony decided to release a compilation album to celebrate.  Over and Over features 17 tracks from Exposed, ON, Umbra, Photon, Full of Elevating Pleasures, and Out Loud.  The only problem?  This is a CD-R release.  That’s right, Sony loves this band so much that the only physical release they plan on giving it is a burn-on-demand product from  Disappointed.

Boredoms- 77 Boa Drum

Thrill Jockey will release this monumental DVD release from Boredoms.  77 Boa Drum documents a concert held at  the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn, NY on July 7th, 2007 at 7:07pm.  77 drummers were asked to play as one in this live event.


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J-Pop Moment: Endless Night

January 30, 2010

It’s been a year since we last heard a new single from the HALCALI girls.  I hate to say that the girls matured, but “Endless Night” is backed by a dark, brooding beat that puts me in a nice depressed mood.  Of course that mood was somewhat offset watching Haruka and Yukari’s goofy dance moves in this video.  It’s quite polarizing.


This Month In J-Rock- November 2008

July 4, 2009

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Anime Central 2008: Peelander-Z & HALCALI

May 21, 2008

Last weekend, I achieved a short-term goal of mine: seeing a Japanese band in concert. As you may remember last year, I was disappointed that I couldn’t see High and Mighty Color at Anime Central. Well, I planned ahead this year, sorta. Actually, I didn’t think I would even go to ACEN this year but I found myself in the 7 hour line from hell on Friday morning. We were only planning on attending on Friday but by the time we finally got our badges (7:30pm), there wasn’t much to do. The dealers room was closed and my back ached like only an old person would know. However, they were out of Friday badges and we were given full weekend passes instead for the same price as the day only ($30). So I went again on Saturday with someone else. I remembered the tickets this time. We were near the end of the line but I didn’t really care.


Peelander-Z walks the fine line between extreme audience participation and “we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing.” Their first song, “Mad Tiger,” lasted roughly twenty minutes (only 3 minutes on their CD) and was interrupted for a minute for the song “YYY.” The other songs they played, “Super Health,” “Happee Pee,” and “STEAK” followed the same formula, and generally consisted of less than five words per song. Every song was interrupted at least once for their stage antics which included human bowling, a limbo contest, and multiple incidences of crowd surfing (with a plush surfboard). I’d say roughly 70% of the audience was on the stage at least once during their performance. Pots and pans were handed out and they joined the band on stage to play with them. At one point, the band members themselves gave their instruments away to audience members to play in their place. This is when the human bowling game started. The band members took turns throwing each other into a set of pins. Another great stage antic was when Peelander Yellow and Red jump roped while playing their instruments. Overall, I’d have to say I was very amused throughout Peelander-Z’s concert. I’ve never seen an audience so into a performance. Everyone was screaming and have a good time. Peelander Yellow said it best, they are not a band but organizers for your party. Peelander-Z’s last song was the fan favorite “STEAK” which I’ve loved ever since I’ve seen the video on Spike TV’s MXC some five odd years ago. They ended with an infomercial for their DVD Peelander is Fun!! and went out performing acrobatics to the tune “My Heart Will Go On.”


So, I’m not really into J-pop. I have heard this group prior through the ending theme “Tip Tap Tips” from Eureka Seven. I loved the music video for it but never bothered to listen to more. I had to sit this one out. My back from the night before was still killing me but conveniently there were plenty of chairs available in the ballroom. I was close enough to see their heads but watched most of it on the side screens. HALCALI is a pop/hip-hop duo, pretty generic to the ears but I fell in love with them as the show progressed. These girls can’t dance if their lives depended on it. If you’ve seen the Rick Roll video that’s been going around, that’s pretty much what they do: wave their arms around retardedly. What should have made me leave turned out to be disgustingly cute. I couldn’t tear myself away from their smiling faces. Their short gym shorts were a plus, too. They played around 15-20 songs, mostly upbeat and a DJ was the only other person on stage. Many people in the audience flashed HALCALI’s signature hand-heart symbol as seen in the picture. One of my favorite songs was “Koi no BUBUBUN” were the girls repeatedly revved up a fake motorcycle with their hands. They ended their set with the song “Tandem” from the anime Mr. Stain on Junk Alley. I had no idea they sang this song! Back when ColoursTV played anime, they would always play a commercial for Mr. Stain with the exact same song. I’ve had it stuck in my head for quite awhile. At the end, they announced their next concert would be in June at Madison Square Garden.

Overall, two great performances. I bought Peelander-Z’s CD Dancing Friendly and their DVD. I was too shy to ask for their autograph but I found them extremely accessible (and loud!) after the concert and later in the dealer’s room. Unfortunately, HALCALI didn’t have any CDs for sale (I had to download when I got home :P). They did have a black T-shirt for sale with “HALCALI” printed in pink on the front and back. I’m not really into pink. They signed autographs later in the dealers room. The line wasn’t extremely long (75 people?) but I ditched that too. If I was too shy to shake Peelander-Z’s hand wouldn’t I be shyer to approach two cute Japanese girls? Yeah, I’m a pussy. I did get a couple of very blurry shots of them. They actually waved to me! Lol oh well. Can’t wait to see who comes to ACEN next year…