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July 14, 2011

myspace band of the week

Hemlock is the type of band that left a few comments on my profile but whose advances I largely ignored. Until they decided to make a Durarara!! MAD (now airing on adult swim!!).  Hemlock formed in October 2009 around Shimokitazawa. Naturally their band name comes from the poison Socrates was sentenced to drink in prison. Their first mini-album Shinokosho came out in June.

The song used in the Durarara!! MAD, ” ブルーローズ (Blue Rose),” is a nice aggressive rock tune. The rest of the songs on myspace are samples from Shinokosho. Although “Blue Rose” is absent from that mini-album, the songs here are in the same vain. “メコノプシス・ホリドゥラ” is especially rocking, while “君と宇宙と愚かな僕と” and “君と宇宙と愚かな僕と” are slow numbers. I would like to see Ms. Tomiki do more vocals but I’m okay with her being eye candy for now.

Buy Shinokosho at CD Japan. Download “Blue Rose” here.

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