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KING LY CHEE- Unite Asia (Free EP)

February 7, 2008

Hong Kong hardcore band King Ly Chee have made their new EP Unite Asia available for free. The English language version can be downloaded on their website and the Chinese language version on Pain Killer Mag, both versions include PDF files containing the lyrics. I personally prefer the Chinese language version


1. 誓言(中文版).mp3 ([下载])

2. 亞洲起義(中文版).mp3 ([下载])

3. 無皮(中文版).mp3 ([下载])

4. 皇后碼頭(中文版).mp3 ([下载])

5. 朝九晚十(中文版).mp3 ([下载])

6. 拒絕(中文版).mp3 ([下载])

zip file/lyrics


1. Promise (download audio)

2. Unite Asia (download audio)

3. Skinless (download audio)

4. Queens Pier (download audio)

5. Work (download audio)

6. Refuse (download audio)

zip file/lyrics