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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 47

June 10, 2011

Almost every band this week spells their name in ALL CAPS. I didn’t plan that.


TACOBONDS get aggressive in this artsy video.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 30

October 1, 2010

So Hokkaido Fair wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  They basically had a few food stands right when you’re walk in the door.  There were samples of squishy fish I could never identify and some octopus.  I wound up having Bi Bim Bap and a Taro Latte in the food court.  I don’t know why I’m writing about this here and not my food blog.  But anyway it’s Mitsuwa so it’s always an adventure.  I wound up buying Perfume’s new single in the bookstore and a copy of Rockin’ On Japan with Beat Crusaders on the cover!

Ivory7 Chord- “Fire Works”

Where we sober when we first met?  All I know is I saw fireworks.

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J-Rock Fridays Vol. 4

October 2, 2009

Welcome to part 1 of the J-Rock Friday’s salvo to October releases.  This was originally meant to cover the first two weeks of the month, but as it turns out, October 7 is an amazing day for Japanese music.  So much so that the videos this week is double what I normally post every column.  And I couldn’t even find videos for some of the other releases I was interested in.  So I put my five favorite videos on top and the rest after the jump.

LITE- “The Sun Sank”

LITE is one of the first bands to pop up when discussing Japanese post-rock, after Mono.  In an effort to diversify themselves, LITE decided to discofy their latest single.  I actually like this song a lot, the synthesizers are noticeable but pleasant without getting in the way of their post-rock styling.  This single is part of their Turns Red EP, the first release on their new record label I Want The Moon.  Not many post-rock bands incorporate synthesizer well, lets hope LITE is the first.

Skybeaver- “For A Long Time”

Skybeaver is a fun power-pop band.  This PV includes the band’s humorous portrayal of a fashion metal band.  The song is also damn catchy.  Their second album is due out October 7.

Supe- “Let Bodies Scream”

Holy Metallica!  Did those guys just rock out on a moving trailer bed?  That’s so hardcore.  Their new mini-album The Black will come out on October 7.

New Strike Zipper- “Promise”

New Strike Zipper is an all-girl punk band that made their debut on a Blink-182 Tribute compilation.  “Promise” is taken from their second mini-album All Is Lost due out today.  This new song sounds harder than their older material, almost like Bleach 03 without the dead animal screeching.

sgt.- “銀河の車窓から (live)”

Sgt.’s new mini-album Capital of Gravity is actually my most anticipated of the month.  But due to the lack of an official PV, I had to scoot them to the end of the list.  Instead I found a live performance of “銀河の車窓から” from their first mini-album Perception of Causality. The new mini-album will include a remix of this song.

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