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Lemon’s Chair

September 1, 2010

myspace band of the week

“What’s up ladies?  Would you like some lemon in your tea?  No.  Okay.”

Lemon’s Chair is a three-piece post-rock band that formed in 2002.  The band is fronted by Masashi Imanishi who occasionally plays his guitar with a violin bow.  Yuko and Yuki round out the band.  WATCHMAN (ex Melt-Banana, Coaltar of the Deepers) had a brief stint with the band in 2008-2009.

Their myspace player features several tracks from their album I hate?  I hope?, their split with monocism, and what appears to be Masashi’s solo stuff.  “Swallowtail” and “Halcyon” showcase their shoegazer leanings while “virtus,” “selsius” and “brilliant” are more quiet, reflective pieces with ambient landscapes.  “Sonar” is an epic 12-minute track worthy of Mono.  Meanwhile, the Lemona version of “Sonar” is a minimalist guitar only piece.

I hate? I hope? is available now. I can’t find a place to purchase it but it’s quite easy to find through other means.

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