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Melon Kinenbi x midori

March 29, 2010

It’s hard being a midori fan.  They don’t have a myspace page, rarely update their website, have their videos taken down on YouTube for copyright infringement the day after they’re uploaded, and in general are IMPOSSIBLE to find in a simple Google search.  So forgive me for being late on this.

When Melon Kinenbi announced their “graduation” from Hello! Project last March, they began releasing several strange singles with indie and punk bands.  Among these were “Don’t Say Goodbye” with Beat Crusaders and “sweet suicide summer story” with midori.  These singles were later collected and released as Melon’s Not Dead in February 2010, Melon Kinembi’s fourth and last album.

Although midori only appears in the first 15 seconds, with blurred out faces no less, their influence here is large.  Their signature bass, discordant piano, and general chaos is all in here.  And I assume that’s just because midori wrote the whole damn thing and Melon Kinembi is just playing karaoke.  Not that I mind former pop idols introducing the masses to good music, I would just like to hear Mariko Goto sing this sometime.

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