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September 7, 2011

myspace band of the week

Purple Bloom is a female fronted shoegaze band from Tokyo formed by Linden (vocals) and Tsuyoshi (guitar). Their first album purple bloom, self-produced and recorded in their tatami room, was intended for March release but was pushed back due to the earthquake. The album will see worldwide release September 13. Their song “Kisses Bloomed” was featured on Patetico Recordings’ Rock Back for Japan Vol. 1, a compilation series benefiting disaster relief.

As typical of shoegaze bands, purple bloom blends noisey guitar with Linden’s high-pitched whispered vocals. “Kisses Bloomed” happens to be the one with most distortion while songs like “Hyades” and “Star Is Mine” bring the sunshine.

Pre-order purple bloom at Darla Records.

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