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Hotel Mexico Split Up

September 28, 2013


Hotel Mexico announced earlier this week that they have split up. Their last single “Out of Gravity” will be released in November on flexi disc from their hometown label Second Royal. Below is their parting video with scenes from their March shows in Los Angeles and Kyoto.


Hideki Yoshimura passes away

May 30, 2013


Hideki Yoshimura, lead vocalist and guitarist of bloodthirsty butchers, passed away on May 27 from acute cardiac failure at the age of 46. He had completed production on the newest bloodthirsty butchers album, who celebrated their 25th anniversary last year. An official statement from their label is available here.


Andymori to break up

May 28, 2013


Andymori have announced on their website that they will be breaking up after six years at the end of this summer. Their last performance will take place on September 24 at Nippon Budokan with a nationwide tour “All You Need Is Love” preceding it. But before then, they will be releasing their 5th and final albumUchu no Hate wa Kono Me no Mae ni, on June 26. Watch the PV for the title track below, in which the band pokes fun at their upcoming demise by playing in instrument-shaped coffins.