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J-Rock Classic: Tahj Mowry Kicks It with Boom Boom Satellites

June 20, 2012

In honor of  Tahj Mowry’s return to sitcom television tonight, let’s take a look at the Smart Guy’s brief stint as a rapper in a collaboration with J-Rock legends Boom Boom Satellites.

“Kick It Out” was originally released on Boom Boom Satellites’ On album back in 2006. In 2009 Timbaland Productions contacted BBS and set up the collaboration with rappers Flo Rida and newcomer Tahj Mowry of Smart Guy and Full House fame. The collaboration was used by Sony to give Boom Boom Satellites a push in the American market, which was mostly a failure asides from a few tour dates and a best of compilation. Mowry’s musical career sunk as well, turning back to acting, although you could hear him sing some Adele songs on YouTube.

But back to the video, this version of “Kick It Out” keeps the original’s chorus with a new verse from BBS. Mowry takes the intro to the song but spends most of the video as a dancer leading some weird Step Up tribute. Flo Rida himself only shows up as a hologram on stage with BBS (two years before Tupac played Coachella!). Not as good as the original, but a commendable effort to launch these two artists careers in the west.

“Kick It Out” was available as a single on iTunes, but has since disappeared. Feel free to share all your favorite Smart Guy moments or Baby Daddy impressions in the replies!