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Toru Hidaka Forms New Band The Starbems

April 2, 2013


Toru Hidaka has finally assembled his first band since the breakup of Beat Crusaders. The Starbems formed in December 2012, a couple of months after Hidaka left Monobright as their guitarist. There are some familiar faces in this new band, including Atsushi Kikuchi (guitar) from Fed Music, who Hidaka recorded an album with last year and Local Sound Style’s Yusuke Goto (guitar). Kazuma Koshikawa (guitar, ex KEGAWA-NO-MARIES) Junpei Terao (bass, Mujinto Records) and Hiroaki Kochi (drums, The Bench) complete The Starbems.

The Starbems are set to release Future Primitive EP on April 10. The first single “The Crakin” has a lot of elements we know and love from the Beat Crusaders with a little bit of hardcore thrown in!


Wednesday Live: ATATA THE DEBU IN

February 16, 2011

Atatatata performed live at Kashiwa ALIVE on February 11 (my birthday!) with buddhistson, aie, and The Shuwa. And what better way to start a show (besides teaching us how to spell the f-word) than with a cover of At the Drive-In’s “One Armed Scissor”? The second song is an Atata original, “Fury of the Year.”

So who is Atata? It looks like we got another supergroup on our hands. Comprised mostly of ex-Holstein members, they are joined by the singer of hardcore band Bandwagon and a few others who played in post-rock bands. Side project or not, they did At the Drive-In proud. You can download “Fury of the Year” and “Recito” for free here (Warning: LARGE file size).