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December 12, 2012

myspace band of the week


Thatta is a five-piece dance rock band from Tokyo. They formed in 2006 and their current lineup is Hiroki Oda (vocals, synth), Hiroshi Morishima (guitar, synth), Toshitsugu Tanaka (guitar, synth), Yujiro Chikayama (bass) and Shun-Yeah!! Nakaso (drums). Pulling in influences from the UK and American 90s alternative rock, thatta is known for their energetic live performances and trademark three synthesizers on stage.

Viva la Majority! is their first mini-album released in 2011. They have also been included in several compilations, including this year’s Free Throw Comp #2.  Their latest release is a split EP Party Talk Affair with The Keys and Christopher Allan Diadora.

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