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Go to DMC!

April 2, 2008

I would just like to point out that my blog has been linked to a Nick Carter fansite. How hardcore is that? This past weekend I became addicted to the manga Detroit Metal City. Much like the [adult swim] hit Metalocoplyse, DMC is a parody on the death metal scene. Our hero Negishi/Krauser the 2nd is a Swedish-pop loving fool by day and a heavy metal god by night. Negishi hates metal but still churns out the best songs on rape and murder in the country. His biggest fear is that his mom finds out what kind of band he’s in. You can read the scans here or download them from these guys. Last Friday a tribute album for the series including songs by Beat Crusaders, Wagdug Futuristic Unity, and Tommy february6 came out. I’m desperately searching for it. Please send.

Beat Crusaders- Hit in the D.M.C.