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March 19, 2013

myspace band of the week


Totos is a folk/powerpop band from Tokyo. Vocalist Koyo Fukamizu of Brokenspace started totos as a solo project in 2001. After recording a home demo, he was offered a gig and gathered four people to form a full band. Today’s lineup is Koyo Fukamizu (vocals, guitar), Kenji Tamura (guitar), U-co Muto (vocals, guitar), Osamu Watanabe (bass) and Hara “GEN” Hideki (drums). They were signed by popular powerpop label Thistime Records in 2006 who released their first mini-album in 2007 and their first album Roommate in 2008. After the release of Super Shoes in 2010, totos went on hiatus, but recently resumed activities.

Roommate is available at CD Baby and CD Japan and you can buy all their albums digitally at totos’ bandcamp. In February they released an EP Everything as 7″ record and it’s available at Jet Set Records.

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