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Urichipangoon ウリチパン郡

June 29, 2010

myspace band of the week

It’s good  to know halfway across the globe there are still bands that are willing to wear neon phallic objects on top of their heads.

Urichipangoon formed in 2003 in Osaka with just two members.  Their first album was recorded at home and released on a small indie label.  The following year, two more people joined, including the drummer from Boredoms.  Their 2008 album Giant Club received high praise from Shugo Tokumaru and Ryuichi Sakamoto of all people.  “I’ve never set ears on music by such gentle pervs,” so says UA.  If Shugo Tokumaru says Urichipangoon is “one of the best pop groups around” I better listen.

The first four songs on their myspace come from Giant Club.  “Paya Paya” sounds a bit like OOIOO in the beginning, but the violin jigs liven it up.  “Zenon” is the best of the bunch even at eight minutes.  I enjoyed the random folk instruments, jungle sounds, and banjo “FunaUta” and “TowaNoAi” come from their first album SEN.  “FunaUta” has a minimalist, ambient vibe while “TowaNoAi” sounds more like their newer stuff, with the bird calls and vocals.

If you enjoy Boredoms or Shugo Tokumaru it’s safe to say you’ll like Urichipangoon.  It’s nice to see folk pop make a comeback.  You can also order both their albums and a t-shirt via PayPal on the band’s myspace.

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