Don’t wake up the KIDS!!

May 5, 2010

It’s amazing what you can find out in chat boxes.  Looks like Ken Yokoyama just released an acoustic split album in March with Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Duncan Redmonds (Snuff).  What’s ironic is that all three were lead vocalists in Fat Wreck Chords bands (Ken Yokoyama fronted Hi-Standard from 1991-2000) and are now solo.  I never really got in to Snuff, but my love for Lagwagon/Joey Cape’s stuff is really overshadowing Ken’s involvement in this thing.  Good luck finding a place to download/order it.  Would Fat Mike like to release one more album from his brethren?  Clips of all eight tracks can be found in the video below:

Joey Cape’s music video for “Brodeo”:

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