Hot Hot Sex

May 11, 2010

myspace band of the week

That’s one way to get your attention.  Think of all the awkward stares you’ll receive when you tell people you like Hot Hot Sex.  If I didn’t know better, I would congratulate them for being daring, but it’s pretty obvious they named themselves after a CSS song (which was unfortunately used in a iPod Touch commercial).  And the CSS influence is pretty heavy here, from the vocals to the electronics.

The first song “Demon is here” starts with some nice electronics.  Then come the vocals, that sound so much like something Lovefoxxx would write I spent the next 20 minutes skipping through Cansei de ser sexy to make sure it wasn’t  a cover song.  It’s still a fun song regardless.  “Manhattan Chips” tunes down the keyboards a bit in favor of handclaps for more of a indie-rock approach. “Petrol Station Dislikes His Fashion” and “655321” almost sound like live recordings and follow in the footsteps of the previous songs.  Hot Hot Sex may not yet show much in the way of originality, but I do love my dance rock bands, and their memorable name will make them stand out in the future.


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