June 6, 2010

When you wake up to find your favorite band trending on Twitter, that can’t possibly be a good sign.  A weird video was uploaded to the Beat Crusaders website today featuring Taro Kato disposing of his band members masks, followed by a text announcement.  It basically says that September 4 will be the BEAT CRUSADERS last show and that they will be “spreading out,” a fancy way of saying disbanding.  Their last single Situation will be released August 4.


  1. You´re not alone. Yeah, I feel the same way. Can´t stop crying since 6 pm, when I saw the video at the official site. Can´t believe it´s happening! I love them! Beat Crusaders is my favorite band for more than 3 years, so it´s impossible to feel different about this, it´s so painful, never felt this connection with another band before.
    I was lucky to see them at Japan Jam 2010 (I made a review of the show on my blog), but now I will do anything to see them for the last time at the Osaka concert. Even if I have to spend all my money on it! Need to see them! So damn sad… they can´t disband! Kuh and Gallow aren´t Beat Crusaders. Beat Crusaders IS Beat Crusaders, it´s unique. ;(

    • I would’ve definitely loved to see them live. I’ve been a big fan ever since I watched BECK. It’s a shame they never made it to America. I actually love GALLOW, although I missed the BECR connection when a reviewed kuh earlier.

  2. Yeah, Gallow and kuh are great, really enjoy then, but it´s not Beat Crusaders, with all the 5 ugly fatty heads playing together. BECR is BECR because of them all, crazy dudes fooling around. Already missing them very much…

    If I wasn´t here in Japan, I would never seen then live too. They were very famous outside Japan, don´t know why they never went out. I guess they went to America only in the early years, with the old mates, when nobody knew them.

    Well, only 3 months more of BECR. At least we will have a new DVD single in august. Hope they get all together sometime in the future, like lots of bands do. 😦

  3. I´m so sad! I like so much this group and I really would like to go to Japan to see them live but considering that I´m live in México, Japan is very far far away!!
    If someone have the oportunity to see them please public the pictures or videos

  4. …….. i hate this… i really do, as you did i feel a connection with this band… I’m not explaining myself since you all know how im feeling.

    I have two questions maybe you can help me with…

    Anyone can link me to more info of Glow and Hek? i want to hear them, but i cant buy discs online

  5. Hello there. So sad not only for this old post that I’ve found tonight searching random stuff. I don’t know what to say, I just felt the necessity to post here, like another BECR fan. I’m from Argentina, and here some friends are sad about the disbanding, so, with all our sadness, I’ll say that there will be no other like BECR.

    I wish that this “dispersion” will fade out one day.

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