September 8, 2010

myspace band of the week

This band named themselves after something I haven’t seen enough of this week.  So before I wrap myself in the cold embraces of death my pillow, here is the band of the week.

Bed (originally Diary Tree?) formed in June 2005.  They were influenced by Fugazi and US indie bands.  Their first EP turn it off was released in February 2007 and their first album Response was released a year later.  Both were mastered by Chad Clark in America.  Earlier this year they signed to 3P3B and contributed a song to the Carry That Weight II compilation along with some other cool bands.  Their second album On Off came out in July.

Their myspace consists of old songs.  From the turn it off EP we have “otosomino,” an indie jam with loud, whiny vocals that slightly remind me of Sparta.  The Response material is tighter; almost math rock.  The whiny vocals persist in “uchiagaru” and “sosite” but they’re much more pleasant.   On the other hand you can barely hear the vocals in the “Sophisticated Man” demo.  If you’re into J-indie bands like Ogre You Asshole or lostage you’ll like bed.

New music videos from On Off are below and they sound awesome.  Order the album at CD Japan.


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