September 15, 2010

myspace band of the week

“We are Japanese girls? Band!!”  Yeah, they’re a Japanese girl band.  I didn’t know if that was clear.  Maybe not.

Satomi and mAKi (Falsies on Heat) formed The HARPY’s in March 2009 and Tomo joined a month later.  They  had their first gig and released a  CD-R a few months later.  Musically they are in the garage/punk  genre.  Kind of like Shonen Knife.  But they don’t care about genre, as they want their music to be borderless.

So immediately when I started listening to their music I found something off about this “girl band.”  One of the vocalists definitely sounds like a dude.  A little digging and I find out Tomo is a  transvestite.  Makes sense.  No really, it’s amusing.  But kind of useless information unless you’re seeing them live (lucky for you there’s a clip below).  But back to the music, it’s fun rock and roll that’s mostly sung in English.  They released their first single “a Lost” from Due Records on 9/11.

The HARPY’s are touring America this week.  Check them out in Connecticut tonight and New York the next three.


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