envy- Worn heels and the hands we hold

September 22, 2010

Envy has a new album out and a video to go along with it.  “Worn heels and the hands we hold” begins with a two-minute instrumental, assuring us that this album will be no different than Insomniac Doze.  Unsurprisingly, Tetsuya Fukagawa bursts out with an explosion of screams that eventually turns into poetry reading.  The video follows a lanky girl who walks around a forest and occasionally the city.  On second thought, no different than the video I made for “an umbrella fallen into fiction,” (it even ends with a close up of a lake for @#$%’s sake) except maybe not as crappily made.

Recitation came out today in JapanTemporary Residence will release it stateside next month.  Catch them on tour in North America starting this weekend.

One comment

  1. well I blogged on sparkplugged about it but I’ll say it again. This song is badass.

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