oshare boys- How to Dance in the World

September 24, 2010

You know me and my interpretive dance videos.  Here we have a pretty young thing in a tight pink dress and sexy black tights performing a number in the middle of a Shinjuku station.  And because this is Japan no one seems to notice.  If my area had a subway station and a girl did this I guarantee you everyone would stop and watch.  Maybe some horny bastard would flick pennies at her.  I did spot one old guy staring at her crotch when she spread her legs open.  Thanks for being honest and doing what I would have.  I suppose there’s some deeper meaning about Japanese society hidden here but I’m content with the sexy girl.

“How to Dance in the World” isn’t exactly a dance-worthy track but it has that nice melancholic vibe some may find beautiful.  Information on the oshare boys is hard to come by.  From what I gather it’s a collaboration between KUJUN and Arata and they’ve released two mini-albums that don’t include this track.


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