J-Rock Fridays Vol. 35

December 10, 2010

Looks like my J-Rock Fridays playlist that I never advertised or mentioned to anyone hit 500 views the other day.  Good to see I’m doing better on YouTube than here.

OCEANLANE- “Submarine Volcano”

Well this is the first time I’ve seen Kay Naoe sing lead in a single.  It’s about time they used his boyish good looks.

ListenBuy 1Buy 2.

The Suzan- “Home”

The Suzan finally has a PV and it’s a kaleidoscope of a good time.

ListenBuy 1Buy 2.

pocketlife- “Empty”

Work those mine tunnels.  Singer looks a bit like Serj Tankian.

ListenBuy 1.

PINKLOOP- “Starlight”

Good to see PINKLOOP still in business.  Making of video here.

Listen. Buy 1.

S.M.N.- “Star”

With a name like S.M.N. I was expecting some bondage and leather pants, but I guess I’ll settle for some happy punk rock.

ListenBuy 1.

AIRPORT- “a Port of Call”

With a name like Airport I expected them to travel by plane, but I guess a tour van can be fun.

ListenBuy 1.

FOOLON- “Natural High”

Stick up your finger if you’re higgggh.

ListenBuy 1.

Odotte Bakari No Kuni- “Children of the Devil”

Earlier we had PINKLOOP and now we have a pink deer head.  That deer must have stuck out like a yetti in the woods.

ListenBuy 1.

Mo’Some Tonebender- “Hammmmer”

So heavy it needs four m’s.

ListenBuy 1Buy 2.

the pillows- “Split Emotion”

The pillows bring another new video this week.  Sparkler chick makes it slightly more interesting.

ListenBuy 1Buy 2.

Chirinuru Wowaka- “Whitehall”

Chirinuru performs “Whitehall” in a white studio.

Heavenstamp- “Hype”

I wonder if Heavenstamp has a trampstamp.  See what I did there?  Oh oh oh that was rude.

ListenBuy 1.

DALLAX- “Glow Of My Life”

1,2,3…DALLAX wants you to smile!

ListenBuy 1.

Local Sound Style- “The Symphony”

LSS is offering a reward for anyone who can sit through all 9 minutes of this.

ListenBuy 1.

anyuu-rizumu- “Yumico”

DIY and minimalism done right.



This will probably be the last new J-Rock Fridays of the year so vote away!  I’ll be posting the most popular videos of the year next time.

One comment

  1. I’ve listened to that pocketlife track so many times since I highlighted it on SP. If the single was more that 3 songs, I’ve had bought the album already.

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