Turntable Films

January 6, 2011

myspace band of the year (RUNNER-UP)

Second Royal had a good year.  Great albums were released by label veterans and newbies.  But no one topped Parables of Fe-Fum by Turntable Films.

Turntable Films is a Kyoto based alternative-folk-rock band.  It started as a bedroom project by founding members Yosuke Inoue (Vocals,Guitar) and Kento Tani (Bass) and turned into a band when Natsuki Tamura(Drums) and Nozomi Funada(Keyboard) joined in 2008.  They self-produced a self-titled mini-album by the end of the year.  In 2010 Second Royal signed them and they released two more mini-albums, Parables of Fe-Fum and 10 Days Plus One.  They describe their music as “sensitive romantic song-writing, expressive improvisation-smelled performance, and the nostalgic sound influenced from American roots would let you show an alternative view in modern times??”

“2steps” was the single from Parables and it’s a fun Brit-influenced rock song with nice flute work.  “Collection of You” from 10 Days follows suit with more flute.  The one song from their self-titled release, “Music River,” is another beast.  It has more of a country-folk vibe as did the rest of the songs on this release.  The last song on their myspace is Handsomeboy Technique’s remix of “2steps” from their 7″ 2steps EP.

Although “Collection of You” was similar to Parables material the samples of the rest of the album indicate that they went back to the folk sound of their self-titled debut.  Another Parables would be more successful for the band but I would still like to get my hands on 10 Days.

Buy Turntable Films’ stuff at CD Japan and Jet Set Records.


Thanks for reading this season of myspace band of the week.  We’re talking a break until the week after the rest of these Best of 2010 lists get posted!

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