J-Rock Fridays Vol. 36

January 7, 2011

Happy new year!

Shugo Tokumaru- “Linne”

Let’s start the new year off right with Shugo’s new shadow-play video for “Linne.”  It’s from his excellent 2010 album Port Entropy, which is *gasp* coming out in America next month!

HNC- “I Dream I Dead”

Yuppa took a break from party music and made this strange little diddy.  I guess a lot of people died while she was making this Witches Party EP.

BACK-ON- “Tell Me”

Sometimes I forget BACK-ON still exists, even though I was pretty big on them when I made this blog.  Their new single “Tell Me” collects footage from their Texas performance at some anime convention.

SpecialThanks- “HELLO COLORFUL”

Fish shaped hot air balloons and surf boards!  Colorful indeed.

Head Speaker- “Binzume Sugar Plum”

If you have a fetish for neon meet your new girlfriend.

winnie- “this storyends”

winnie’s fetish for polka dots is strong. On a side note Hub TV is airing reruns of The Wonder Years.  Just watched the episode where Winnie moves four miles away and Kevin gives her a ring for “insurance.”  So sweet!

Fox Loco Phantom- “Kitchen Monster”

FLP continues to rock hard, whether on foot or back.

ONE WAY TRIBE- 繋ぐ未来に種蒔きを

Another hard rocking band.  They’re putting out their first album this month!


Not a whole lot of wall f*cking going on here, just some loud rock.


STRAIGHTENER hired the telephones to shoot their music video while the band played Sukiyaki Western Django.

The Mirraz- “Oh”

Try to keep up with The Mirraz and a thousand street signs.

The Unique Star- “+Distortion”

The Unique Star gets a little creepy and gory in this one.


Pick your top 3 like your life depended on it!

Band Links:

BACK-ON: myspace, CD Japan

Fox Loco Phantom: myspace, CD Japan

HEAD SPEAKER: home, CD Japan

HNC: myspace, Jet Set

The Mirraz: myspace, CD Japan

ONE WAY TRIBE: myspace, CD Japan

Shugo Tokumaru: myspace, Amazon.com, CD Japan, Play-Asia, Polyvinyl

SpecialThanks: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

STRAIGHTENER: myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia

The Unique Star: myspace, CD Japan

VIBEDRED: myspace, CD Japan

winnie: myspace, CD Japan

One comment

  1. great. now everyone with a wall f-ing fetish is visiting my site! XD

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