The Shanghai Restoration Project- Miss Shanghai

February 14, 2011

Thank you random Chinese CD my brother bought at Starbucks for introducing me to The Shanghai Restoration Project, solo project of Chinese-American Dave Liang. “Miss Shanghai” is one of two Shanghai Restoration songs on the World is China compilation. My brother’s favorite was “Lu Xun (Watch Me Dance,” whose vocals sound like they were ripped out of some British porno. I’m more into the smooth sound of  “Miss Shanghai” with vocals by the Dutch Dez and adequately lip-synced by model Masson Ge.

“Miss Shanghai” is a great song for Valentine’s. It was even featured on the season 6 premiere of The L Word, which I promise I’ll never watch. Both songs come from The Shanghai Restoration Project’s self-titled album.

Obligatory J-Pop tie-in: TSRP produced MEG’s Journey. Watch Dave’s Tokyo diary, where he’s producing the new Miu Sakamoto and sonodaband albums.


  1. omgmemories!! I randomly bought his debut album back when I was in college. 2 computers since then and I realize I left the mp3s on an old machine =( Thanks for reminding me tho — and on Valentines Day!. The album is great and I listened to it nonstop, then somehow forgot >_< Must (re)get!

    Any recent releases you know of?

    • His last album was Zodiac in 2009. He did some songs with Emi Meyer last year, too. I think he’s just doing the producer thing in Tokyo now.

      • Thanks! Good deal =) I’ll need to pick that one up too.

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