February 15, 2011

myspace band of the week

Sorrys! is a 3-piece indie rock band from Koenji. They formed in 2006 with vocalist Kikuta and drummer Teppei. Bassist MKT joined in 2008. They released their first mini-album Sou Ima Sugu, Sou Zenbu (So Right Now So Just All) February 2.

There’s a lot of praise heaped on Sorrys! myspace page from such bands as Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Analog Fish. And it seems like Sorrys! learned a lot  indie rock mentors. They put up Sou Ima Sugu, Sou Zenbu in its entirety  on myspace. Vocals are loud and proud with a slight rap edge in “satisfAction” and “ONE 2 People” and there’s a cool fire siren in “Bet It.” Things gets a little more mellow in 僕らが今日も探し逃がしてしまうもの and ジャンボ, though. There’s also a demo for “Royal Straight TEENAGE flash” that’s a bit more playful than the rest of these songs. Sorrys! is off to a good start.

Buy Sou Ima Sugu, Sou Zenbu at CD Japan or download it for $6 at Amazon.com.


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