February 24, 2011

As you probably noticed, J-Rock Explosion has a non-Wordpress url now! I was hoping I would have a few people on board before I dropped the monetary funds, but it’s time. Believe it or not J-Rock Explosion has been around for four years with today being it’s 4th anniversary. It started with me alone in my bedroom and it’s still me alone in my bedroom. Can’t say much has changed but I hope some of you have enjoyed my J-Rock ramblings.

So what can you expect from Jrockexplosion.net? More of the same for now. I’ll be shopping for a new WP theme in the next few weeks, after I get around to posting my Best of 2010 list. Feel free to leave suggestions below!


  1. very nice! are you still on wordpress.com or did you move to your own host?

    • Yes, I bought the domain through WordPress.

  2. Happy Birthday !
    Thanks for all that good music !

  3. Happy 4 years! (:
    You rock! (:

  4. Still rocking after 4 years! thanks!

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