FACT releases new mini-albums

February 28, 2011

March 16 will be a busy day for the FACT boys as they release two mini-albums. First up is Eat Your Words, a CD+DVD package featuring 6 new songs and live video from Shibuya O-East during their 2010 tour. The mini-album will include their new song “attack me if you dare,” which is the theme for the Japanese release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds.

Their second release is under their alter ego co3, a remix unit. Their self-titled mini-album will include 5 tracks and remixes by 80kidz and DEXPISTOLS. There will also be a special box set that features another 9-track CD, a t-shirt, and FACT noh mask!

FACT uploaded 3 videos on their new YouTube channel from the new mini-albums. First up is a PV clip of “error.” Next the guys play a clip of “attack me if you dare” while they play Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Last is a full PV of co3’s “Let’s Get Outta Here.” It sounds similar to the stuff on the remix album Nivan Runder Soundrugs and features the dude from English new rave band Hadouken!

Buy Eat Your Words at CD Japan. Buy co3 at CD Japan (special edition).

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