March 1, 2011

myspace band of the week

It’s March. I was going to take the time to highlight some Japan Nite/SXSW bands, but then Across The Pop Records uploaded three new videos from this awesome new ska band last night.

EMPTY hails from Kanagawa Prefecture. The band formed in 2005 while they were still in high school. Last year they made their debut on Across The Pop with the Across the Pop e.p and a sold out 7″. Their first album So What? comes out March 16.

Most of the songs on EMPTY’s myspace are from the Across the Pop e.p. “Lucy” is the most laid back of these. A nice, catchy love song. The rest are fast tunes. “Empty” employs some classic punk screaming early on while new track 忍び足 waits until the end. ちがう takes it’s half-minute runtime to wallow on in trumpet heaven. Of the three new PVs, “New Wave” and “R.T.P.” are similar in style to their e.p. “Aoi” takes a more jazzy route. It’s good to see EMPTY mix up fun, fast ska with more classy tunes. 

Buy EMPTY music products at CD Japan.




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