J-Rock Fridays Vol. 42

April 1, 2011

Back on schedule. No foolin.’

0.8秒と衝撃。- 町蔵・町子・破壊 (Machizou Machiko Hakai)

0.8Syooogeki had the top voted video of 2010. Let’s see if they can repeat it this year. Eat snow and dig in.

co3- “All This Wonder”

This is my favorite track from the co3 mini-album. Whereas the rest of FACT’s co3 stuff hits you hard with techno vibes, “All This Wonder” gives you time to drift at sea.

JAWEYE- “Mark up (for days)”

Is this supposed to be in 3D or do they just have weird colored auras? They remind me of Nature Living but without the screaming.

Man With A Mission- “Never Fuxxin’ Mind the  Rules”

MWAM drops some kibbles and beats.

the loud function- “SAFARI”

Myspace band of the week recipients the loud function will release their first album next week. That didn’t take long at all!

the cabs- 二月の兵隊

Zankyo doesn’t dissapoint with the screamo bands.

Puffyshoes- “Alright”

Last column we announced Puffyshoes’ appearance at SXSW. Now they’re back with a new song and a new video with what appaears to be SXSW footage.

Gagaga SP- 卒業〜俺様天才偉業集 ver.〜

Don’t cry cop, Gagaga SP will invite you to their 10th anniversary bash.

FEELFLIP- “With my sweetness, I’ll kill you”

Lucha Libre and ska. Great combo! So sweet, I kill you~

lily of the valley- “hikari merrygoround”

All of the Happy Tree bands kind of sound the same to me but this is a nice dreamy track. Now I want to go an a carousel.

Sherbet Clock- “HoPiNg StRoNgEsT”

Bands like →Pia-no-jaC← made piano based instrumental rock cool. Like the video says, you don’t need vocals to touch people’s hearts. Sherbet Clock sent me a friend request on YouTube so here’s your holla back.


Band Links:

0.8Syooogeki: myspace, Amazon, HearJapan

the cabs: myspace, CD Japan

co3 aka FACT: myspace, CD Japan

FEELFLIP: myspace, CD Japan

Gagaga SP: site, CD Japan

JAWEYE: site, CD Japan

lily of the valley: myspace, Amazon

the loud function: myspace, CD Japan

Man With A Mission: myspace, CD Japan

Puffyshoes: myspace

Sherbet Clock: myspace

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  1. that guy from feelflip’s voice.. ugh.

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