August 10, 2011

myspace band of the week

ANYO (あんよ- “footsie”) is a female fronted post rock/shoegaze band from Osaka. The band consists of 4ho (vocals), Yamashita (guitar), Teppei (bass) and Tama (drums). They have released two EPs, O in 2008 and iro in 2010. Musically they have been compared to bands like downy or Mogwai.

“A to Z,” 水鏡 and  白い夜 come from their second EP iro. “A to Z” and 水鏡 are massive tracks that get a little shoegazey in the middle but are still ferocious. Meanwhile  白い夜 is quieter and focuses on 4ho’s vocals. 声from their first EP starts out slow but builds into something as powerful as “A to Z.”


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