Stuff To Look Forward To, August 2011

August 13, 2011

And the summer ends with a bang with some high profile releases by Dir en grey and another Straightener album. But I’m most excited for Miila and the Geeks’ debut album, followed closely by sgt. and Ogre You Asshole. Stateside we get a simultaneous release of Dir en grey’s new album, a Peelander-Z greatest hits compilation and the DVD release of the Live From Tokyo documentary.

8/02 Dir en grey- Dum Spiro Spero US (Amazon, Omega Order)

8/03 6EYES- Flush (CD Japan)

8/03 COUNTLOST- Mirror (CD Japan)

8/03 CRAZY HiTMAN- Riddim Jamboree (CD Japan)

8/03 Dir en grey- Dum Spiro Spero JP (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/03 Droog- Love Songs (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/03 Hideyoshi- Kudaranai Uta (CD Japan)

8/03 Lama- Spell (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/03 LOSTAGE- Context (CD Japan)

8/03 MASTERLINK- Confusion EP (CD Japan)

8/03 nano.RIPE- Omokage Warp (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/03 NoGod- Genjitsu (CD Japan)

8/03 Novels- Missing Link (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/03 The Novembers- To (melt into) (CD Japan)

8/03 The Novembers- (Two) into holy (CD Japan)

8/03 OKAMOTO’s- Yokubo wo Sakebe!!! (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/03 Straightener- Staraightener (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/03 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra- Sunny Side of the Street (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/03 to overflow evidence- Mata Sora wo Mirutame ni Hakushi ni Egaku Hibi no Koto (CD Japan)

8/03 VELTPUNCH- His strange fighting pose (CD Japan)

8/09 Peelander-Z- Super Dx Hitz (Amazon)

8/10 9goats Black Out- Rorschach inkblot  (CD Japan)

8/10 The Collectors- Chikyu no Arukikata (CD Japan)

8/10 Dorian- Studio Vacation (CD JapanJet Set)

8/10 Love Psychedelico- It’s You (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/10 mudy in the Sakuban- Mudy In Squall (CD Japan)

8/10 pocketlife- Zoom (CD Japan)

8/10 Quattro- Hey (Jet Set)

8/10 TearSmilo- ダーウィンが来た!

8/12 Johnny Guitars- Johnny Guitars #1 (CD Japan)

8/17 BACK-ON- Connectus and selfish (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/17 Good On The Reel- Schroedinger no Futari (CD Japan)

8/17 Hot Dog- Slog It Out (CD Japan)

8/17 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Moshimoshi Harajuku (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/17 NICO Touches the Walls- Te wo Tatake (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/17 Sekai no Owari- Inori (CD Japan)

8/17 serial TV drama- Power Spot (CD Japan)

8/17 sgt.- Birthday (CD Japan)

8/17 sgt.- Live (CD Japan)

8/23 G-YUN- HiMYMEMINE (CD Japan)

8/23 Live From Tokyo (Amazon)

8/24 cali gari- # Shaba Randa Hen (CD Japan)

8/24 cali gari- # Tokyo, 43 Ji 0 Fun 59 Byo (CD Japan)

8/24 Clammbon- Hanasaku Iroha (CD Japan)

8/24 Funkist- All Together (CD Japan)

8/24 Himawari Batake- Himawari Batake de Nemurasete (CD Japan)

8/24 Miila and the Geeks- New Age (Jet Set)

8/24 milktub- 20step voltex (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/24 Ogre You Asshole- homely (CD Japan)

8/24 RUNNERS-Hi- psychological description (CD Japan)

8/24 Shakalabbits- mademoiselle non non (CD Japan)

8/24 SUNEOHAIR- SUNEOHAIR (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/24 Umberbrown- Falling Star (CD Japan)

8/24 WASURERANNEYO- C Kara Hajimaru ABC (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/31 Base Ball Bear- short hair (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/31 The Bohemians- Akogareraretai (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/31 Coaltar of the Deepers- Dear Future (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/31 the GazettE- Remember the Urge (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

8/31 Shinsei Kamatte-Chan- 8 Gatsu 32 Nichi e  (CD Japan)

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