J-Rock for Christ!

August 14, 2011

So I was watching music videos on JCTV (Jesus Christ Television, seriously) in the wee hours of the morning and saw this sweet collaboration between Christian rapper Manafest and Koie from Crossfaith. Looks like “No Plan B” was released back in 2010 on Manafest’s album The Chase, proof that JCTV needs to find new material. Does anyone know of any Christian J-Rock bands? I’ve listened to J-Rock long enough to know they must exist…



  1. Crossfaith is a great metal band, but thankfully they aren’t actually a christian band.

  2. I wish they were a Christian band, we need more Christian J-rock bands

  3. GaGaaling and Glad.Of.Death.Revive. are two awesome Christian J-Rock bands. Check em out!

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