August 17, 2011

myspace band of the week

Nekocats is a female fronted pop rock band from Tokyo. Guitarist Seigo Minegishi put the band together in the summer of 2010. Vocalist Erina Kawamoto was the first to join followed by Ernesto Salinas, a Puerto Rican drummer. Katsutoshi Tsunoda is their new bassist. The band’s name comes from Erina’s love for cats. They didn’t know whether to choose an English or Japanese name so they just wrote it both ways (“neko” is Japanese for cat).

GeeDes records released Nekocats’ first single She Loves You (no relation to The Beatles) in June. “She Loves You” is a fun pop song with a catchy chorus. It’s b-side “Utsusemi” isn’t up on myspace but they have a few more demo tracks up there. “Stray Cat” has the same amount of energy but has more of a bluesy feel. Meanwhile 鼓動 and 世界go for the cute factor.

Download She Loves You at Amazon or CD Baby. Physical copy is available from CD Japan.


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