J-Rock Fridays Vol. 52

August 19, 2011

Two year anniversary!

6eyes- “Radio”

There’s a lot of saxophone on the radio these days, it only makes sense for 6eyes to sax up their new single. Plus there’s a lot of cool things in this video, like a crossdressing drummer and a disgruntled office worker who grows dreadlocks overnight.

カフカ (Kafuka) – “Snow white is dead”

Snow White is dead, but this chick is full of smiles. Better hide the dwarfs!

Who the Bitch- “Summer”

A surprisingly fun summer anthem from the tough bitches.

The Unique Star- “ucyuu syounen”

The Unique Star predicts the world will end when their first single drops on August 10. Obviously that didn’t happen. Sad face.

Suneohair- 期待ハズレの空模様

Suneohair doesn’t impress the supper club with his singing ability, but at least he gets a front row seat to some epic bar fights.

NOVELS- ミッシングリンク

I was under the impression Tiger and Bunny was a superhero anime…but this PV is pretty creepy. A severed hand, a book (novel?) with holes cut out of it, Catholic schoolgirl uniforms…

cali≠gari- “Shaba Randa”

cali≠gari may have disbanded last year, but that’s not stopping them from coming out with two new singles next week. “Shaba Randa” is full of lasers and drag queens. In other words a lot of fun.

RIZE- “Muppet”

“There’s a hole in the muppet!” Actually there’s no Jim Henson creations here (it appears to be the theme to some PSP game), but we get some creepy gold masks and explosions.

1000say- “Hane”

Cute song. Cute video. A little too pop for my taste.

Aru- “Looper”

Aru stands against a wall while lyrics and videos loop in the background.

Puffyshoes- “Tokio (Dedicated to Gagakirise)”

Puffyshoes welcomes Gagakirise back to Tokyo, but it doesn’t look like they showed up for the party.

the ands- “Home / Fog”

Double the songs. Single the PV.

Paradise- 僕話し

Paradise’s first album came out in March but they’re still walking around making videos. Enjoy the mundane with Paradise.

sgt.- “cosgoda”

This PV would have been up much higher had they animated the whole song. In any case there’s a new sgt. album and it’s going to be great.


Band Links:

1000say: myspace

6eyes: myspace, CD Japan

the ands: myspace

Aru: myspace, CD Japan

cali≠gari: web, CD Japan

Kafuka: myspace

NOVELS: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Paradise: myspace, CD JapanJet Set

Puffyshoes: myspace, CD Japan

RIZE: web

sgt.: myspace, CD Japan

Suneohair: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

The Unique Star: web

Who The Bitch: myspace, CD Japan

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