Wolfgang McCartney

August 24, 2011

myspace band of the week

Wolfgang McCartney is a Hiroshima based duo comprised of brothers Eiji and Kazuki Suehiro. They formed under the name London in 2004 and changed their name to Wolfgang McCartney in February 2010. The Beatles and The Monkees, who they cover regularly on their YouTube channel, are a major influence on their music. Wolfgang McCartney has self-released two albums and several singles.

Their new single “I Don’t Care” is the most rocking song on their myspace. The rest of their songs seem to be more pop based with a lot of synthesized instruments. I don’t much care for “Magic Tree,” which sounds like it was recorded at the Renaissance Faire. “Bye Bye Rain” and “Chance Again” manage to be decent pop songs if a little off key.

Download Wolfgang McCartney songs Amazon and iTunes.


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