Stuff To Look Forward To, September 2011

September 16, 2011

September is the month for electro with brand new albums from The Brixton Academy and sakanaction, not to mention The_AIU’s debut. I expect all three will find their way on my year end list.

9/03 Atsuhiro Ito- Midnight Pharmacist (CD Japan)

9/07 9mm Parabellum Bullet- Kamome EP (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 Analogfish- Koya / On the Wild Side (CD Japan)

9/07 Any- Kioku Soushitsu (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 bonobos- Go Symphony! (CD Japan)

9/07 Brahman- Hekireki (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 DadaD- Touch Touch Touch (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 Four Get Me A Nots- Silver Lining (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 Galileo Galilei- Sayonara Frontier (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 Genki Rockets- GENKI ROCKETS II – No border between us – (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 Half-Life- Drama (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 KARIBUxNOxKAIZOKU- Take the Pride (CD Japan)

9/07 The Mackshow- Rocka Rolla Zero (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 Mugwumps- Hola, Quota! (CD Japan)

9/07 Nudge’em all- See (CD Japan)

9/07 Okamoto’s- Yokubo (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/07 Space Boys- Barnard’s Loop (CD Japan)

9/07 Spangle call Lilli line- New Season (CD Japan)

9/07 Yokohamaginbae- Yokohamaginbae Zenkyoku Shu (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/08 Soul Crap- Riddim & Blues (CD Japan)

9/09 99RadioService- 2 (CD Japan)

9/13 knotlamp- Bridges We’ve Dreamed (CD Japan)

9/13 purple bloom- purple bloom (Darla)

9/14 Back Drop Cinderella- Cinderella wa Unzaunza wo Odoru (CD Japan)

9/14 BIGMAMA- #Div/O! (CD Japan)

9/14 BIGMAMA- Haha to Iku, Miwaku no Eizo Sekai no Tabi DVD (CD Japan)

9/14 cokiyu- Your Thorn (CD Japan)

9/14 The Cro-magnons- Number One Yaro (CD Japan)

9/14 Glory Hill- With No Love (CD Japan)

9/14 Lonesome Dove Woodrows- Day For Night/Shine Quietly (CD Japan)

9/14 Nabowa- Duo (CD Japan)

9/14 Nabowa- Flow (CD Japan)

9/14 RIDDLE- Sonority (CD Japan)

9/14 Various Artists- V-Rock Disney (Play-Asia)

9/14 YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz- The End of the Day (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/21  androp- relight (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/21 a flood of circle- I Love You (CD Japan)

9/21 The_AIU- Minority (CD Japan)

9/21 Fat Prop- Brand New World (CD Japan)

9/21 Fujifabric- Star (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/21 SABOTEN.PAN- Tropical Park (CD Japan)

9/21 SAKANAMON- Fuyu Gimmick (CD Japan)

9/28 Acidman- Second Line & Acoustic Collection (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/28 The Brixton Academy- Bright As Diamonds (CD Japan)

9/28 The Kiddie- Utsukushiki Redrum (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/28 Kiiyama Shoten- Okinawa Rock n Roll (CD Japan)

9/28 sakanaction- DocumentaLY (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/28 The Sketchbook- Clover (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

9/28 Urbangarde- Tokimeki ni Shisu (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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