J-Rock Fridays Vol. 55

September 30, 2011

Just like water we fall.

Fat Prop- “Can’t Stop The Music”

Punk rockers Fat Prop have joined the electro boys club with “Can’t Stop The Music.” Noticeably more fun than their usual piano driven fare.

Tokyo Karankoron- “Syoujyo Jump”

“Naruta is kick ass!” Poor guy thinks this cute girl is stalking him and all she wants is his comic book. That reminds me I’m a few issues behind on Shonen Jump myself.

Uzumibi- 溺れる魚 (Drowning Fish)

“Drowning Fish” breaks my heart. Beautiful music.

Asobi Seksu- “Perfectly Crystal”

Yuki looks particularly sexy showing off her back in this disco meets shoegaze PV. Some of you may have a problem with me dropping Asobi Seksu in the “Japanese” basket but I still love them and Fluorescence is perfect.

sakanaction- “Endless”

Attack of the killer eyeballs! “Endless” is the least impressive single off DocumentaLY but there’s enough beepy boops in the second half to dance to.

Veni Vidi Vicious- 悪い方 (Worse)

The Joker ala Heath Ledger breaks his bandmates out of jail so they can play a trivia game! Answer wrong and you get whip creamed in the face!

HaKU- “Gravity”

You can’t fight gravity but you can put on an awesome light show.

Kaminarigumo- “Blind Photographer”

Well, I didn’t see any photographer in this PV but it looks like he’s taken quite a few photos.

1000say- サジタリウス (Sagittarius)

The keyboardist totally has a thing for Yasutaka Nakata…

Ashley Scared The Sky- “The Ark Sailing Over Truth”

Raa raa raa. Skinny jeans. Awesome synths.

Pastafasta- “Pyramid Corpse”

If you’re thrashy and you know it make an epileptic PV.

BEAST- 侍よ (Samurai Yo)

BEAST cuts down their rivals with beastly ska riffs.

The Autocratics- “Worthless Destination”

Who’s excited for the new Muppets movie? The Autocratics’ vocalist has a very Animal-like quality…

Skull Candy- ワンダーホイール (Wonder Wheel)

Ska on the beach. Ska on the school bus!

Sebastian X- “Rose Garden, Baby Blue”

Sebastian X’s vocalist is wearing a swan dress and singing at the top of her lungs again. She is a child.


Pick one. Or three.

Band Links:

1000say: myspace, CD Japan

Ashley Scared The Sky: myspace

Asobi Seksu: myspace, Amazon, CD Japan

The Autocratics: myspace, CD Japan

BEAST: audioleaf, CD Japan

Fat Prop: myspace, CD Japan

HaKU: myspace, CD Japan

Kaminarigumo: web, CD Japan


sakanaction: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Sebastian X: myspace, CD Japan

Tokyo Karankoron: myspace

Uzumibi: myspace, CD Japan

Veni Vidi Vicious: myspace, CD Japan

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s tumblr.

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