Hysteric Picnic

September 27, 2011

myspace band of the week

The mysterious Hysteric Picnic formed earlier this April in Tokyo. According to the band’s bio (written in…German), the duo spent some time in New York prior to forming. They are influenced by post punk and 80s new wave. Their self-titled EP was released in August.

“Tonight” is a lo-fi pop song that chugs along at a slow pace. The do-do’s are sometimes washed out by the droning guitar but they’re there.

“Merry Go Round” takes Hysteric Picnic to more psychedelic grounds. The beat is a little creepy and the wailing and screaming in the latter half only intensifies that feeling.

Hysteric Picnic’s EP is available at Jet Set Records. Download “Tonight” for free at bandcamp.


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