September 21, 2011

The_AIU is a “mysterious multinational rock band” from Tokyo that formed in October 2010. Leading The_AIU is Indonesian pop singer Aiu Ratna, who released a covers EP in Japan last year. Rounding out the band is Sohichi (The JETZEJOHNSON) on guitar and Jessie (Noise & Treatment) on electronics. A distinguishing characteristic of their music is the lack of a drummer, although it appears they have a support drummer live. Their debut mini-album Minority was released today. They also did a remix for Genki Rockets’ second album released earlier this month.

The four tracks on The_AIU’s myspace are labeled “Ver.0.” These demo tracks are a bit raw on the instrumentation side but there’s a lot of promise here. Aiu Ratna does sound a little diva-like on “Gothictro” and “Loser” hopefully she doesn’t sing this high on all their songs. All four tracks and “CPU,” which kicks a lot of ass, are available on Minority.

Minority is available at Amazon (MP3) and CD Japan.



One comment

  1. Wah, yang bener mbak. Mbak aiu jahat ternyata sebenernya cuma manfaatin kita biar mbak aiu enak-enakan. Gila apa mbak aiu dah gak kerja, minta sumbangan puluhan juta buat naik pesawat kejepang, tapi enak-enakan. Orang miskin aja usaha kerja sendiri, lha mbak ayu ini khan punya mobil, iphone. Nipu banget ternyata mbak ayu ratna. Astagfirulloh.

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