Download: Bricolage Compilation

October 23, 2011

PeopleJam is hosting a free party at Shibuya WOMB November 29. They’re giving away a free compilation too. The Bricolage compilation features 10 tracks, plus a new PV for “Wake Up People” by170cm-jack and nifty posters. Download here.

  1. The Caulfield- “Funk045s”
  2. PeopleJam- “Wake Up People (Edit)”
  3. mothercoat- “Wednesday”
  4. EB2- “Drummy”
  5.  PeopleJam- “Falling Down”
  6. egg- “odorei”
  7. Sharp kiD- “o y e (Open Your Eyes)”
  8. Kemonogare- “Kemono Disco”
  9. Gold & Saint “Da! Hoo!”
  10. Sharp kiD- “Easy”


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