J-Rock Fridays Vol. 61

December 23, 2011

Posting this in the AM for a change. Is it still Friday in Japan? Last new J-Rock Fridays of 2011!

SKAYWAY- “Here Comes Santa Claus”

Christmas is in a couple of days. Why not start off with a couple of Christmas songs? SKAYWAY loves ska and Christmas songs so much they just released an entire album of ska Christmas covers (get Jingle belling). This band doesn’t seem to exist elsewhere on the internet so maybe they’re Santa’s little helpers after all.

Shonen Knife- “Sweet Christmas”

Everyone’s favorite Ramones-covering girls want you to have a jolly Christmas with their new single. Watch them bake a cake in this adorable video.

Love and Hates- “Kung-Fu Ripping ft. AFRA”

Speaking of adorable! Here is Love and Hates first PV featuring the human beatboxing AFRA. Rap and kazoos who would have thought that worked.

One Peace Lane- “Penny Lane”

Who doesn’t love a good Beatles cover? One Peace Lane (if that is their name, I’m just going with their YouTube username) goes to great lengths to protect their identity, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s Layla Lane.

The ChronoHEAD- “Headphone Bugs”

Slipknot t-shirts are so 2001. On the plus side, ChronoHEAD has the first J-Rock album to look forward to in 2012.

Skirt no Naka- 逆立ち女

Don’t let their modest schoolgirl uniforms fool you, these girls are crazy!

Otoboke Beaver- ウルトラミラクルス~パ~サイヤサイケ(略)

Crazy girls club! Reminds me of the day Bleach 03 ruled the land.

co3- “All This Wonder (80kidz North Field Mix)”

Check out those Vans! Or the 80kidz remix of co3 aka FACT’s “All This Wonder.” Looks great with that snowflake feature YouTube has up for the holidays.

Ku-So Iinkai- 独占禁止法

Uh-oh. Someone has a crush on the girl with the crooked teeth. How about we stop drawing portraits of her behind her back and write something nice on the chalkboard.

Ossan- “Yokohama Mix Nuts”

I would sure love to try the Yokohama variety of nuts, but I guess I’ll settle for a second helping of ska.

United Monmon Sun- 君だけのキス

Kiss! It’s incredible what you can do with lipstick these days. I think I saw boobs.

JAWEYE- “Crack”

Jaweye rocks so hard they need five cameras to capture the magic.

another sunnyday- “The Perfect Ivy”

What’s up STRAIGHTENER fans. Here’s a side project from Jun Oyama and Shinpei Nakayama. I still prefer ent, but at least this video reminds me of Great Teacher Onizuka.

Katteni Shiyagare- 罠のような午後

Nothing like a gold old fashioned black and white film. And a third helping of ska.

PLASTICZOOMS- “Cry. Distance”

PLASTICZOOMS get super emo in this one. “Final kiss is to transfer poison from my lips to yours. In the end my hand on yours. This is the happiest ending ever.” Read these lyrics!

Go-qualia- “Requiem”

A visual feast! Alchemy rules the land.


We had a surprising amount of votes last week, particularly for hydrant house purport rife of sleepy. Keep it up.

Band Links:

another sunnyday: myspace, CD Japan

The ChronoHEAD: web, CD Japan

co3: web, CD Japan

Go-qualia: myspace, Virgin Babylon

Jaweye:webCD Japan, Play-Asia

Katteni Shiyagare: web, CD Japan

Ku-So Iinkai: web, CD Japan

Love and Hates: myspace, CD Japan

One Peace Lane: YouTube

Ossan: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Otoboke Beaver: myspace, Jet Set Records


Shonen Knife: web, Good Charamel


Skirt no Naka: web, CD Japan

United Monmon Sun: myspace, CD Japan

See new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr.


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