J-Rock Fridays Vol. 69

April 20, 2012

Sexy time.

Turntable Films- “Misleading Interpretations”

Stabbed in the heart and he still makes it to the show on time! After their stellar debut mini-album, Turntable Films made it into my most anticipated for 2012 and “Misleading Interpretations” does not disappoint. It is sad though to see they’re a trio now, which must be a recent development as I can hear former keyboardist Nozomi Funada all over this track (I think she even has a cameo in this video?).

Kagero- “Killer Bee”

Aside from naming this song after a rapping ninja who tops my list of most annoying anime characters of all time, this song is pretty dope fool ya fool. Definitely one of the better instrumental bands to come around lately no doubt because of that saxophone.

avengers in sci-fi- “Yang 2”

The avengers are celebrating another season on planet Earth with a flash mob and singing zebras!

Molice- “Please, Please, Pris”

The new Molice album has hit America again thanks to Good Charamel. Nice pop hook and I always love to watch Rinko dance.

ATATA- “Star Soldier”

One of the more interesting supergroups that formed in the past couple of years is set to release their first album this summer. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve abandoned their hardcore roots on “Star Soldier.”

group_inou- “Judge”

The only rap group that rocks hard enough for J-Rock Fridays. Nice 3D video with a Hunger Games inspired finale.

SiMoN- “Chandelier”

Just like Heavenstamp a couple of months ago, I lost track of how many times SiMoN uploaded and deleted this video. Still, a beautiful track that sleepy.ab could have made when they were still making interesting music for Chameleon Label.

Plastic Girl In Closet- “Ekubo”

Plastic Girl takes their shoegaze to the train yard and plucks their fuzzy guitars in a rundown Galaxy Express. It’s tracks may have ended but Plastic Girl gives it it’s due credit.

Mr. MORNING GO- “Happy Sappy New Year”

From the same label that brought you Sandy Beach Surf Coaster and Chocolate Chip Cookies comes another girl-fronted punk rock band. A little late for a New Year’s greeting but they know how to have fun.

number0- “Irene”

Woah, is this an episode of Ice Road Truckers? Nope, just shot in Iceland. Number0 definitely brings out the majesty of the country with this sleepy tune.

[Champagne]- “Kids”

After “Waitress, Waitress!” I wasn’t expecting such a sinister PV. I guess it’s Champagne’s ability to come back from complete goofball that makes them popular in the J-Rock scene.

Trippple Nippples- “Quetzacoatl”

The always weird Trippple Nippples has made a tribute to the snake god and oh there’s a nipple. The guy decked out in Mayan gear scared me a bit.

TalkingCity1994- “No Future Kids”

Another “found footage” video that the DIY bands are so fond of making these days. This is actually the “full band” project of the upcoming Osaka beatmaker OMEGABOY who I never get to talk about around here but has put out some pretty great material this year.


Band Links

ATATA: web

avengers in sci-fi: web, CD Japan

[Champagne]: CD Japan

group_inou: web, CD Japan

Kagero: web

Molice: web, Amazon, CD Japan

Mr.Morning Go: web

number0: web, CD Japan

Plastic Girl In Closet: web, CD Japan

SiMoN: web, CD Japan

TalkingCity1994: bandcamp

Trippple Nippples: web

Turntable Films: web, CD Japan

Bonus: Reiko Ike- “Woman Can Not Endure It”

I realize for a blog with 69 in the title, there’s not enough sexy in this post. So now I’m going to introduce you to the orgasmic sounds Reiko Ike. Make sure to put your headphones on this bitch can moan!

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