Stuff To Look Forward To, April 2012

April 25, 2012

Another month full of releases I can’t afford.

4/04 Applicat Spetra- Spectacle Orchestra (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/04 ar- YON (CD Japan)

4/04 B’z- Go For It Baby (CD Japan)

4/04 The Cigavettes- We Rolled Again (CD Japan)

4/04 BOYZBOYZBOYZ- Electric Evil Make Bomb (CD Japan)

4/04 Champagne- Schwarzenegger (CD Japan)

4/04 Deathgaze- Creature (CD Japan)

4/04 Earls Court- Resurrection (CD Japan)

4/04 Fake Face- Dichotomic (CD Japan)

4/04 group_inou- Monkey / Judge (CD Japan)

4/04 ivory7 chord- Pentagram (CD Japan)

4/04 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Candy Candy (CD Japan)

4/04 LM.C- Strong Pop (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/04 Man With A Mission- distance (CD Japan)

4/04 Para:noir- nihilism (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/04 recoride- MP3 no Danmatsuma (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/04 Sukippara ni Sake- Boku No Chi (CD Japan)

4/04 tokyo blue weeps- What Happened In Yesterday (CD Japan)

4/04 VA- Nevermind Tribute (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/10 VA- Vivid Covers – A 20th Anniversary Tribute To L’arc~En~Ciel (Amazon)

4/11 Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Kakato de Ai wo Uchinarase (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/11 The Beat Motors- Gris Gris (CD Japan)

4/11 The Birthday- Roka (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/11 Blue Encount- Halo Effect (CD Japan)

4/11 Broken Doll- Reach For the Sky (CD Baby, CD Japan)

4/11 Coil- Cassette Music (CD Japan)

4/11 The Collectors- Darenimo Makenai Ai no Uta (CD Japan)

4/11 Country Yard- Heart Island (CD Japan)

4/11 FoZZtone- Love (CD Japan)

4/11 FUNKIST- 7 (CD Japan)

4/11 Keishi Tanaka- End of Night (CD Japan)

4/11 higan- Hallelujah (CD Japan)

4/11 indigo la End- Sayonara (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/11 number0- Parallel / Serial (CD Japan)

4/11 Perfume- Spring of Life (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/11 So Many Tears- Amazing Melodies (CD Japan)

4/11 yEAN- 4C (CD Japan)

4/12 strange world’s end- Osen (CD Japan)

4/13 world’s end girlfriend- Starry, Starry Night OST (Amazon)

4/18 80kidz- Turbo Town (CD Japan)

4/18 Aobozu- Noctiluca (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/18 aquarifa- scene

4/18 CreepHyp- Shinu Made Issho Aisareteru to Omottetayo (CD Japan)

4/18 cro-magnon- The Best (CD Japan)

4/18 Dolls Realize- Leaving From Cyber Slums (CD Japan)

4/18 Egg Brain- Push (CD Japan)

4/18 Molice- Neugravity (CD Japan, Amazon)

4/18 Mr. MORNING GO- Stop Acting Like a Baby!

4/18 nano.RIPE- Esoragoto (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/18 Orange Range- Neo Pop Standard (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/18 The Pinballs- 100 Years On Spaceship

4/18 podo- Raw Life

4/18 Samurai Jack Universe- Who Am I?

4/18 Sandy Beach Surf Coaster- Endless Summer Independent Best (CD Japan)

4/18 S.R.S- Higher Ground (CD Japan)

4/18 Tokyo Karan Koron- X Game (CD Japan)

4/18 Turntable Films- Yellow Yesterday (CD Japan)

4/18 Wuja Bin Bin- ST (CD Japan)

4/18 ZeZeZaZa- Yeah! Yeah! Yah! Yah! (CD Japan)

4/21 Kagero- Killer Bee

4/24 Anoice- The Black Rain (Amazon)

4/25 Angry Penguin Robo- A New Kind of Monster (CD Japan)

4/25 avengers in sci-fi- Disc 4 (CD Japan)

4/25 The Bohemians- This Is Pop!! (CD Japan)

4/25 the Canadian Club- Firmament (CD Japan)

4/25 Conception Complex- Triple Dealer (CD Japan)

4/25 Kazuhiro Momo- Mado (CD Japan)

4/25 Kishidan- Nipponjin (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

4/25 Meaning- Meaning to be here… / To the Future (CD Japan)

4/25 Ototoi Group- We Are (CD Japan)

4/25 Plastic Girl In Closet- Ekubo (CD Japan)

4/25 Totalfat- Party Party (CD Japan)

4/25 Unchain- Eat the Moon (CD Japan)

4/25 Yohio- Reach the Sky (CD Japan, Play-Asia)


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