May 30, 2012

myspace band of the week

Yucca is a 5-piece indie pop band from Tokyo, not to be confused with the Japanese new age/opera singer of the same name. The band formed in 2003 and their current lineup is Yusaku Enomoto (guitar), Ayako Shinada (keyboard), Katsuyuki Umezaki (bass), Yuki Kawana (keyboard) and Kazuyuki Chujo (drums). Their first album Laboratory Products came out in 2005 and their second album The Orange Sun In My Room in 2006 through abcdefg*record. In 2007 Shinada (former drummer) broke her lower back and the band was out of commission for a while. But they’ve kept it together and with new drummer Chujo released their third album Our Journey (To Anywhere We Want) a month ago.

Yucca’s first two albums are available at CD Japan or Bandcamp. Their new album Our Journey was released through net label Sayonara Novels, owned by the same people who run abcdeg*record. You can download it for free here or pay for it at iTunes and the like.


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